A 16 year old female brought into my office by her parents presents with severe depression, severe anxiety, suicidal ideation on a daily basis with no plan, low self esteem, anger outbursts, lack of energy, insomnia, GI (gastro intestinal) issues and hopelessness.
To date she has seen a psychiatrist who has her medicated on 4 different prescriptions.

Anti depressants, anti psychotic, anti anxiety and a G.I. med. .   The client states that they don’t help, nothing helps and nobody can help her.  After an hour or so of intake and putting puzzle pieces together I decide that I have enough information for now.   I set up a treatment plan for EEG Biofeedback (neurofeedback) and psychotherapy with a goal of no SI (suicidal ideation), a calming of the nervous system which will decrease or negate the feelings of anger , getting the client into a normal sleep pattern with no more nightmares and get rid of the depression.

My expectation is that the client will get to a point where these symptoms are gone or very close to it.  Due to the SI, I ask that the client comes in every day until the SI goes away.  This usually happens in the first week.  Once we are not in a crisis situation the client can continue daily sessions or come in twice a week.  We will do this until we have done 20 sessions.  This can happen in 10 days straight or 10 weeks or something in between.