Second visit

sarasota florida

Today is the second session so we get to see if there were any appreciable changes after the first session.
​ I see some change after the first session pretty regularly.  Sometimes it is significant other times it might be small.  Change is good.  Whatever change that does occur won’t last much longer than 24 hours after the first session.  It’s kind of like working out; it has to be consistent.  We are looking for changes to stick permanently after about 20 sessions.

The client reports feeling calmer by about 50%,
She feels the depression is much lower and more manageable.
She had difficulty falling asleep as usual but once she fell asleep she only awakened once during the night.  Usually it’s toss and turn all night.  Upon awakening she didn’t feel more rested than usual but her mother said she got out of bed and got ready for school on her own.  “She never does that.  The client states she’s feeling hopeful and has zero to very little SI.