A.R. 21

Patient Testimonial
My father brought me to see Ann and Curtis and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. My life was crying, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, wanting to hurt myself and drugs. I couldn't go to class and I wasn't doing well in school. I just wanted to die. My mania would drive me to shop and run my credit cards up to the top but I had no job. My father was losing his patience and was always short with me. I started my sessions with hope, excitement and fear. Fear that it wouldn't work. They are so nice there and so supportive that I knew it was going to be different. After the first session I could feel something happening. After three sessions I could feel the depression going away. After about 10 sessions it was like I was normal. I had no more crying spells, instead, it was my father who was crying about how well I was doing. My psychiatrist kept telling me it wouldn't work and I'd be on medications forever. He was wrong and he had to help me get off my medications. This was 2 years ago. I am in school doing great and I work part time. Ann and Curtis saved my life and I am so thankful.