N.S. 25

Patient Testimonial
My mom dragged me down to Florida for some seemingly random bipolar treatment plan. My life was not my own. I was always sad, depressed, angry, suicidal, hopeless. I slept all the time or I couldn't sleep at all. I hated the medications. They never helped. I worked but I was failing out of college and hated my job. I didn't care. I had shut down a long time ago, maybe middle school, maybe early high school. Nothing had any value. Nothing was pleasurable. I had a girlfriend but she was as depressed as I was and we fought all the time. I went to lots of lots of therapists and I had a psychiatrist that I liked but nothing really helped. I slogged through my days wondering what it was all worth. I was hopeless and had given up. Curtis seemed confidant that he could help and my mother was hopeful but I was like whatever, nothing works, nothing will. After the first session I slept for the first time in a long time that night. I went to his office every day (even Sunday) for two sessions a day, 10 days straight. I got better and better each day until I felt great, which was about 10 sessions in. My anxiety had gone away, my hopelessness was gone and I was really curious. Is this going to work? Is it going to stick? It's now bee​n about a year and a half and I'm doing great. I have straight A's in my college coursework and I'm planning on going to graduate school so I can do the same with work up in Michigan. I am so excited about where I'm going now.