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At the Bipolar Center, we believe that everyone can benefit from mental health counseling.   To that end, we have established an Evidence-Based treatment therapy that is extremely effective.  Ann and Curtis are Licensed Mental Health Counselors in the State of Florida whose focus and research has been based on discovering how to treat the most difficult disorders with a resolution-based theory as opposed to maintenance theory.  All of our mental health disorders have a root cause, whether it may be genetic or environmental, or both, we have found that there are resolutions for these problems. We believe that there is an answer for whatever it is that is keeping you from being the person you strive or desire to be.  We would love to talk with you to see how we can help you get where you want to go. 

Bipolar Disorder
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The Bipolar Center - Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Headquarters in Sarasota Florida, Offices in Sarasota and Palm Beach Gardens

We almost always see significant results from this treatment plan for Bipolar Disorder I and II, Cyclothymia, and severe depression. Significant results to us mean a greatly reduced depression and mania.

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Bipolar Disorder

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